Sep 5

Written by: can
9/5/2013 7:20 AM 

The first half of 2013 has been a whirlwind of projects. It feels great to be swamped.

First up - Private Residence in Raleigh. This home had many fireplace mantels, all of which were white. The new owner wanted something different. Here is the result!


After- The black marble was removed and was replaced with a nice light polished limestone. We added some nice depth with a dark glaze to make this fireplace stand out in the room.

Another Before-

After- This mantle was just off the kitchen, again we turned a plain white mantle into a focal point in the room.


These chairs were transformed for Chapel Hill Designer Laura Covington- Can't wait to see the final product!

Chapel Hill designer Vicky Bryant asked us to paint a shelf for a client to match the new tile installed in the bath- can you find the tile in the photo?

Up next this secretary- although  a job well done by the original artist- designer - Sarah Foster, wanted to update with a more modern look and feel for this Chapel Hill Sorority House.


So much work goes into a piece of furniture like this.

(let me just say, my iPhone tends to make photos red- my apologies for the bad photography but you get the idea!)

And finally...... the after-

So much more modern and clean. It was a lovely piece.

Now for some fun pieces. Designer Heather Garrett always has something interesting for us and these pieces for a little boys room were no exception.

An ordinary white drum shade from CB2 into this!

Next up- another simple ordinary piece- this one from PB Teen.

Transformed into -

These pieces were so much fun!